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About Liberty Union Bar & Grill

The focus of both the food and décor is Americana, and every week, they will feature food specials from a different State in the U.S. Liberty Union also boasts 12 taps at the bar, with a focus on good American craft beer, including local favorites from Victory Brewing Company and Stoudts Brewing Company. The locale is both family friendly as well as perfect for that night out with friends. There is ample seating inside and two outdoor seating areas that will open during the nicer weather.
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  • I ate there once and i got a burger that was COMPLETELY raw… I got sick right after i ateit, like it was just out of the fridge. I though “oh maybe it was a one-time mess up”. I just ate there again to give them another chance and picked the easist thing to make on the menu. The food was cooked fine, but it just didn’t seem like the right ingredients to put on the food. Did’nt taste good at all. On the bright side the fries were delicious. I don’t think i’ll be taking my chances again.

  • Sherri Gouldey said:

    We just had lunch here, It was a little pricy but the amount of food for the price was great. This is a place we will go again!

  • Chester County lucky you ! Liberty Union is the perfect spot not only for dining out with the family, but a night out with friends to enjoy fine American cuisine. Also, a perfect ending to a perfect night… A drink or two at the fabulous bar setting ! Before leaving look around and pick a dining room available for a future private party. Either way ENJOY !!!

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